Spatial Analysis

Project Type: Study
Location: Loop, Chicago
Year: Fall 2014

Project Brief: I spent a total of six consecutive hours on a bench at a public park to record how many people touched the “Borders” installation by Icelandic artist Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir. I made my recordings on trace paper. I recorded the types of people and even mapped out their paths. After collecting all the information, I translated it into a digital chart and overlaid the data to create an analytical 3-Dimensional space. I then further manipulated that data to create a series of camera filters. These camera filters were brought back to the site and photographed at spots in an attempt to view the site with a new lens. The constant translations and transformations from medias allowed me to create new perceptions and forms that otherwise would not have been noticed.


Presentation final compressed
Left: layered data Center: Elevation Right: Plan
Left: layered data Center: Elevation Right: Plan
Delete 120
Filters portray perspective views of 3D data collection and aligned
Delete 126
Views generated from computer were aligned back on site to get images



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