Project Type:  Speculative Drawing
Location: War
Year: Fall 2014

Project Brief: The concept for this drawing came from two very separate influences. It all started with a study of two unlikely subjects. An exit stair behind a dormitory and a traditional African vernacular structure. I began by drawing them and analyzing the characteristics of it. I then used the technique of collage and spliced up the two study drawings to create something new, something unfamiliar. Then These new “compositions” would serve as the basis for a radical idea.

The final drawing represents two warring states. A split divides the borders. A giant protective wall has risen from the ashes of the destruction. This wall acts as shelter and provides refugees necessities. The structure follows the border to become a “neutral zone” A controlled slum that will be created by both sides. A new city will emerge out of this controlled by the refugees. Overtime, the warring countries will need to settle their differences once they begin to see that the wall has completely consumed their nations.

Section, Plan, and perspective tells the stories of the “Neutral Zone”

IMG_2686DeconstructionFloor Plan of hutImage (4)composition 4composition 3composition 1IMG_2705


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