Lane Tech Cafeteria Design

Project Type: Competition
Location: Roscoe Village, Chicago
Year: Fall 2011

Project Brief: The objective was to redesign the traditional cafeteria at our school to support new ideas. I incorporate a learning component to educate students to farming and where food comes from. It also uses sustainable practices to encourage students to be aware of their food habits. I provide more seating because there is clearly not enough seating in my school for 4,000 students at a time and also the hallways get packed because of lunch periods. My design relieves that congestion and offers a new space that is both intimate and social. National high school competition that I received 1st place on during my senior year of high school. Made me a local celebrity for a few months.

Rooftop Garden
Rooftop garden to provide more school involvement in food production and learning about self-sustainable practices.
Interior Shot
Integrated technology to keep students informed and engaged with current school events
Site Plan edited
The size of Lane Tech High school and area of intervention

site analysis newhouse 040 (2)

site analysis newhouse 036 (2)
Interior of existing lunchroom
site analysis newhouse 021
Existing rooftop

SCAN0080SCAN0075 editedSCAN0073

Traffic Diagram 2
Study of biggest traffic areas
lane logo
School colors
Solar Study
Solar study
perspective of atrium
Individual seating and study areas
Developing Solutions
Iso of garden and garden entry
Structural Design
group seating and view out

Second level perspective

3D Section perspective


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