Garden Wall

Project Type: Prototype
Location: IIT, Chicago
Year: Fall 2012

Project Brief: The task was to develop a wall to protect IIT’s urban farm space located near the fraternity side of the campus. They had a real problem with bunnies sneaking in and eating all the vegetables. The wall also had a growing function of its own to maximize more growing space for the farmers. The design was simple. Build a thick, heavy wall and fill it up with dirt.

Punched out diamond shaped openings on the wall allow for herbs to grow high above in the sunlight and protection from the wind. The steel plates also allow for a contrasting material aesthetic to the heavy cedar wood and perform as an interesting facade study. Additional grow space for larger rooted plants can be grown at the base and very top of the wall.

In Collaboration with: David Li and Oscar Hernandez.


fence 2 023

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