Marfa, Texas

Project Type: Pavillion(s) / Burning Man without the drugs
Location: Marfa Texas
Year: Fall 2015

The project is set in Marfa, Texas. It’s mostly just desert and its like that for hundreds of miles in any direction. For some reason though, artists flock to this area every year around October for a giant arts festival. They congregate at Donald Judd’s former studio and gallery and make art together. The project brief didn’t specify exactly who we needed to build for but my partner and I had an interest in the ‘found object‘ as the theme. We wanted to create a space for both the community of Marfa and new visitors to enjoy. The landscape was so vast that we decided to take advantage of it and spread our structures throughout. We connect it with a bike-able track that zips you all across the site. The structures have multiple functions but we figured it was best to let the visitors choose what each structure is best used for. We played around with how the structure connects to the site so that it creates micro climates within the space. Some spaces might be good for sleeping at night because they are tucked underground others might be more suitable for teaching a yoga class because it has a nice breeze in the evenings and some are good for just hanging out and playing music.

Partner In collaboration with: Dylan Otte

satelite halftone
Satellite image of Paisano Peak
Native American Landscape
sketch 1
Sketch of a “Found Object”
How to prototype a sample of the desert surface
Petri dishes of each of the geological sites
Excavating and developing surfaces
Submerged and nested
Midterm Review
CNC site using plywood layers
Prefabricated Steel planes


Folding Strategies

Passive StrategiesFINAL READY FOR PRINTClass TypologyDen TypologyPath InfrastructureWorkshop Construct PlotIMG_0335workshopimg_0355sound-labimg_0357discussion-labimg_0362art-classroom-websiteimg_0368


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