Pilsen Bicycle Studio

Project Type: Residence/Retail
Location: Pilsen, Chicago
Year: Spring 2014

Project Brief: The Neighborhood of Pilsen is full of Hispanic Heritage and Culture. However, recent developments is causing the neighborhood to gentrify and the local residents are afraid that they might lose grasp of the cultural significance of the area. In this studio, we attempt to investigate that relationship between those new young professionals who move in and the local community residents. As a studio group we  went on several site visits to learn about common interests shared between the two focus groups. We then split into our own designs and proposals. I chose to design a CO-OP bike shop that could both serve as a residency for a small family and the two shop owners. They would co-habit common spaces such as the living and dining, but they would also have their own private spaces. The design calls for a mixed way of living and a rethinking of the common Chicago two Flat. The Bike shop is located on the ground floor and becomes activated on the small corner site with two entries. The dynamic wave form draws attention to passerby’s along the train line and also provides a unique interior space. The program also features a small workshop space for youth to hang out and a parking spot for a mobile bike repair station.

The many faces of Pilsen Culture

Vicinity Map 3


Sketch Models.png

Exterior Side Corner RenderExterior Side Elevation RenderExterior Close-UpInterior Shop RenderInterior Work spaceIMG_2595IMG_2604website images-07

website images-05
Circulation Diagram

Foam Core Model Cropped.png

website images-04
Form Diagram


Site Section
Section, Elevation



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