Ebony & Jet Parkives

Project Type:  Adaptive Re-use
Location: South Loop, Chicago
Year: Fall 2014

Project Brief: The Johnson Publishing Company building is located at 820 S. Michigan. This building served as the first headquarters for the Ebony and Jet magazines during the 1970s. The building was designed by an African American architect by the name of John Moutoussamy and so therefore it held some historic significance for preservation. Over time the headquarters moved and the building became vacant and Columbia College bought it. The objective for this studio was to adaptively re-use the building to help preserve the historic nature of the Ebony Jet Archives as well as adding a new program that would redefine its intended use. The result is a morph between a vertical public park space and an archive space for Columbia College and the Johnson publishing company. The design breathes new life to the existing building, creates a learning space for African American culture, and also creates a new recreational spot that lacks at this corner of Michigan ave.


Early Concept Sketches depicting a vertical park.




Model Studies of program and circulation.


Renderings or daytime and nighttime experience.

merged with color

Facade Studies

Triangle wall curvy diagram

View to the lakefront. Free and open to the public.

Lake View Render 2

Interior Organization

Section Perspective black background

Indoor skatepark….Cause that would be dope.

Skatepark with entourage

Plot 3
Floor plans and storyboard through building
3/8″ = 1’0″
3/8″ = 1’0″
1/8″ = 1’0″

Exploded Axon pinkConcept File 3 (revised) - 3D View - Copy of 3D View 4


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