Super Populated – Edgewater

Project Type:  Edgewater is depopulating…time to turn it back to a destination spot.
Location: Edgewater, Chicago
Year:Fall 2016
Team: MinJung Ku, Channing Zheng

Featured on Koozarch


Isolating Factors


Proposal – Invert high-rises and connect the inhabitants to the lake.



Break the Chicago grid and make more walk-able side streets heading eastbound.


Final Site Model 1:1000


The new high-rise typology.

Section Final-01

Community Living, Co-housing, Room-mating, Shared House, Guest house = Density

Section Edit Final-01-01

Swooping peals signify places of gathering.

DH SECTION Final-01.png

A community meeting point and shared public amenity.

under tracks rendered-2

“I think I got everything…?”

postcard final

Sweet beach life.

pool 006-2

Beach in the air.

Amenity View Updated

Winter Time? Still Summer Here.

Frontal Unit Final Edit version 2

“Can I borrow some salt?”

interior unit view updated

Sunday Brunch.

0426 axon final-01

The New Edgewater.

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