Charnley House Doors

Project Type: Case Study, Renovation Proposal Location: Gold Coast, Chicago Year: Fall 2013 The Charnley House is a historic home designed by the … More

Living Study

Project Type: Research Study and Model Making Location: Siteless Year: Spring 2014

Fletcher Page House – Study

Project Type: Case Study, Model Making Location: Australia Year: Fall 2012 Glenn Mercutt Presentation from Steve on Vimeo.

Garden Wall

Project Type: Prototype Location: IIT, Chicago Year: Fall 2012 Project Brief: The task was to develop a wall to protect IIT’s urban farm … More

Mariel Cuba

Project Type: Competition Location: Mariel, Cuba Year: Summer 2014 Cuba is opening itself to the US and therefore new job opportunities emerge. Here, … More

Lane Tech Cafeteria Design

Project Type: Competition Location: Roscoe Village, Chicago Year: Fall 2011 Project Brief: The objective was to redesign the traditional cafeteria at our school to … More


Project Type:  Speculative Drawing Location: War Year: Fall 2014 Project Brief: The concept for this drawing came from two very separate … More

Spatial Analysis

Project Type: Study Location: Loop, Chicago Year: Fall 2014 Project Brief: I spent a total of six consecutive hours on a bench at … More

Spatial Engagements

Project Type: Video Location: Chicago, New York Year: Fall 2015 My interactions with the built environment. Skateboarding as a result of Architecture. It … More